The medieval village of Poppi, located on the top of a hill, is unmistakeable for the presence of a great castle that dominates the whole ancient inhabited area and a good part of the Casentino. The town, which is still surrounded by its imposing walls, conveys a beautiful and interesting architectural harmony to the visitor, which makes its visit particularly pleasant. Poppi is considered the achitectural jewel of this Tuscan valley in the territory of Arezzo.
The Castle of Guidi Counts surely is the most interesting element of Poppi. This building dates back to the 13th century and it is one of the most visited monuments in the Province of Arezzo.
The Abbey of San Fedele is another important tourist destination for Poppi. The church deserves to be admired for its 13th century architectural structure and for its fine works of art, most importantly for a Madonna and Child dating back to the end of the 13th century.
Also the whole territory of the municipality of Poppi, which extends from the slopes of the Pratomagno to the Appenine ridge, is of a great interest. Camaldoli, a well-known location as both a place of faith and a center of cultural and naturalistic interest, belongs to this territory.
On the slope of the Pratomagno Massif we can find Quota: small and steep hamlets will lead us through the particularly interesting and well-finished architecture of this small village that deserves a visit. From Quota it starts the driveway that leads to the mountain ridge, geographical division between Casentino and Valdarno.